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Water Kefir: A Bubbly Probiotic Drink

Water Kefir is my new favourite probiotic beverage. I’ve been brewing Kambucha at home for years, the process isn’t complicated, but with a baby at home now it’s so hard to keep up with everything. Water kefir is so easy to prepare, no boiling required, and it can be ready in just 48 hours. All you need is water, an organic lemon, organic cane sugar, 2 figs and kefir grains. Fermented foods and beverages can help to recolonize your gut with good bacteria that support digestion, the immune system and good mental health.

Water Kefir Recipe


4 tbsp of kefir grains ¼ cup sugar 3 organic figs Juice of 1 lemon 1 litre water (avoid chlorinated water)


1 litre glass jar

1 cheese cloth to cover top of jar

Elastic band to secure cheese cloth


  1. Add kefir grains, sugar, figs and lemon juice to glass jar.

  2. Fill remaining jar with water, leaving 1 inch space at top.

  3. Cover with cheese cloth (double or triple up the cheese cloth to prevent fruit flies from getting in into the mixture.

  4. Store in a warm place, out of direct sunlight for 48 hours

  5. Strain liquid with a silicone strainer into another jar and its ready to drink!

  6. Discard the figs, rinse the grains and use again 😊

This is the recipe I use, but there are many different methods you can try. Also keep in mind, fermentation times can differ slightly depending on the temperature of your home. If it is really warm, fermentation occurs quicker, and vice versa. Your kefir grains will also multiply, changing fermentation time and flavor, so make sure you take out the excess grains as it grows. There are numerous sites online with more information about how to properly make your own water kefir.

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